Buckle up, everyone! 🎢

Mortgage rates have been on quite the roller coaster ride this last month. 📈📉
From peaks to valleys, #MayMortgageRates were not for the faint of heart!

Will June bring calm or continue the wild ride? 🤷‍♀️🎢🤔

June will see new inflation data and a Fed meeting that will impact mortgage rates for sure, but we have to wait and see how.

Stay informed and prepared by regularly checking in with me and doing your research. 💡📚 Knowledge is your best tool in this ever-changing #MortgageLandscape.

So here's to #JuneMortgageMadness - whether it brings us surges 🌊 or smooth sailing 🛳, we're ready for the ride. Are you? 🎢🏡💰

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