Learn to manage your ads

Ad Management

This video answers the question of how often you should check your ad, what your cost per lead should be, increasing daily budget, and how to improve your ad.

Improve Ads

There are three ways you can improve an ad if it's not performing well. You can also utilize this to improve an ad after it fatigues.

- Copy
- Media
- Targeting

How To Increase Ad Spend

There are two ways to increase ad spend:

- By 20% increments
- Duplicating Ad Set With New Budget

Avatar Research

There are three ways we do Avatar Research:

- Audience Insights
- Suggestions From The Ad Set Level
- Graph Search

Best Practices

  • Download an app called “Pages Manager” from the app store to your smartphone. This app is from Facebook and you’ll be able to see any comment or messages sent to your Facebook business page. If you are on your desktop, just head to your Facebook business page and you’ll be able to see the notifications for comments and messages. We recommend looking at these once a day to respond to any comments or privately message someone who has been tagged in the comments.

  • If you have any automations set up, make sure to turn them off after the lead responds.

  • Follow up with the lead as soon as possible by text, email, Messenger or phone call. It’ll be best to utilize all four.
  • Want to take your Facebook advertising skills to the next level?

    Facebook Pixel Overview

    Here is an overview of the Facebook pixel and how you can use it when it comes to Facebook advertising.


    Ready to take Facebook advertising to the next level? You can do so much with retargeting including:

    - Retarget people who have engaged with your Facebook content
    - Retarget people who have visited your site

    Want to create your own images for free?

    Create Your Own Images

    You can create images on your own for free with Canva!

    Need ad ideas from competitors?

    Competitors Ads

    Have you ever wanted to take a sneak peak of competitors who are running ads in the mortgage space or any other niche for that matter? Well you’re in luck, AdEspresso allows you to do just that! Search competitors ads here.

    Facebook also now gives you the ability to see any active ads a business is running. Once on the business page, click on "Info & Ads" in the menu section. This will be on the left hand side on desktop and an info icon on the top right on mobile.