The different ads available and what we recommend

Our ads library is constantly being updated with new ads. Here is a glimpse into our available ads and which ads we recommend for you to run. 

How to place an ad

Use this video alongside a specific ad from the Ads Library (next section below) in order to place an ad. Pause the video as necessary to follow at your own pace.

Ads Library

Employer Ad

When you run ads on Facebook, not only do you want to make sure leads have good credit, you also want to make sure they are employed. With employer ads, you target employees of specific companies in your area or state. For example, in California you can run ads to Google, Twitter, and Dropbox employees.

Community Heroes Ad

When it comes to Facebook advertising, it's great to target job titles. With this ad, you target heroes of the community with special savings programs when it comes to buying, selling, or refinancing a home.

Top 10 Programs Ad

The biggest problem with Facebook leads are their credit scores. Fear not because with this Top 10 Programs ad, you’ll show basic info of your top 10 mortgage programs including the minimum credit score for each. No fluff, nothing to hide, leads will know exactly why they’re submitting their contact information.

Low/No Down Payment Ad

Sometimes it’s difficult finding leads who can put a significant amount down on a home. If you offer low down payment loans where someone can qualify with 3.5%, 1% down, or 0% down, this is your perfect option.

Local Area Is Hot Ad

If you already have a Realtor partner who’s convinced Facebook advertising works, use this ad. With this ad, you can share exclusive leads and the Realtor also puts in the work to close the lead. Do make sure you or your realtor emails leads a list of homes in the area that are currently available for sell.

Property Listing Ad

Sometimes it’s easier to partner with a Realtor when running Facebook ads. With this ad, you’ll highlight a specific property that your Realtor partner currently has on the market. It’s a win win for everyone when placing this ad.

Ad management best practices

Now that you've placed an ad, here are ad management best practices to make sure your ad is performing as best as it can.

How to improve an ad

If your ad is not doing as well as you think it should, there are three ways to improve an ad: targeting, copy, and media. Watch this video to understand what changes you need to make to improve your ad.