What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook has a massive reach giving you the ability to target your ideal audience. Facebook ads are purchased on an auction basis, where advertisers are charged based on either clicks, impressions, or actions. Best of all, the leads you receive from Facebook are exclusive to you and you alone. 

What you need to advertise on Facebook

There are two components necessary in order to advertise on Facebook: A Business Page and an Ad Account

Business Page - Serves to help people learn about your business in terms of what you do, how you can be contacted, and where you're located. 

Ad Account - Gives you the ability to create and manage ads that will be seen by your targeted audience.

Why Originators fail at Facebook advertising

The biggest reason Originators fail at Facebook advertising comes down to the follow up, it has nothing to do with the platform itself. Before advertising, make sure you have a follow up system set in place. This can be automated or manually done with set scripts, both of which you can find in our Ads Academy Dashboard. Keep reaching out to leads until you get a hold of them. 

Branded versus Unbranded pages (and what IS an unbranded page?)

Branded Page - This has all your information to brand you as an originator. This includes your headshot, NMLS number, website, address, and contact information. 

Unbranded Page - A generic page advertising a specific mortgage program, city, or state. Example page titles include "Homes in Los Angeles" or "Veteran Loans in California".

How to create a business page

This video will show you how to create a business page, one of the components necessary to advertise on Facebook. Pause the video as necessary to follow along at your pace.

Optimizing your business page

Once you've created your business page, make sure it's optimized. This video shows what you need to update in order to stand out.

How to create an Ad Account

This video will show you how to create an ad account, one of the components necessary to advertise on Facebook.

Preferred settings on your Ad Account

Here are the settings we recommend when you're inside your Ad Account

How to add payment info to your Ad Account

Add your credit card to your Ad Account with this video.

How to access your Ads Manager

You can access your Ads Manager by clicking here or by following the simple steps in this video.