What is OriginatorSuccess Engage?

Engage is a simple, maintenance free nurture system to keep your brand in front of important contacts - prospects, referral partners, and past clients.

Boasting automated turnkey campaigns, Engage is a set-it-and-forget-it platform that allows you to focus on your day-to-day activities without learning complex software or having to write your own weekly and monthly content.

What Engage is NOT:

Engage is not a CRM (and it's not supposed to be).

You won't find the functionality of even the most basic CRM in Engage. There are already plenty of outstanding CRMs on the market, giving you a much deeper feature set. But often they sit untouched, because they take time to learn and master. Engage is designed to skip all that.

Engage is not a cold lead contact/follow-up system. There are better ways and better systems for this as well. There is no way to automatically get leads into the system from Facebook ads or other platforms.

No learning curve. Simple. Easy. Yet totally powerful, helping you to Engage your prospects, referral partners and past clients, resulting in better relationships and more business.

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Put your contacts into the sysetm

Send us a list of past clients or prospects, or add contacts individually as you close loans or get new leads.

Step 2: We automatically send emails to your contacts

We'll send email from you to your contacts, featuring content from the campaign(s) that you've chosen.

Step 3: Engaged contacts turn into more business

You will stay in front of prospects, referral partners, and past clients, increasing your chance of future business!

Access your Engage Contact Campaign Report

View your Engage Contact Report anytime to see when emails were sent, who's opening them, and if any contacts have opted out.

It doesn't look like your Engage Contact Report has been setup yet. It's usually set up once you have uploaded a list of contacts.


However, your Engage campaigns ARE setup.

The report is only so that you can see who is opening your Engage emails and who you have in the system.


Please contact our support team at support@originatorsuccess.com or put in a support ticket requesting your Engage Contact Report be setup.

Weekly Rate Forecast Campaign

What is it?

The Weekly Rate Forecast is a way to share rate information in a quick, concise fashion to stay top of mind with prospects, referral partners and real estate agents.

How often is it sent?

This email is sent weekly, normally on Mondays before 12pm Eastern.

Who is this campaign good for?

The Weekly Rate Forecast is a great campaign for...

  • prospects who are out looking at homes
  • prospects who have inquired about refinancing but want to monitor rates
  • referral parters and real estate agents

CLICK HERE to see the latest Weekly Rate Forecast Email

Keep In Touch Campaign

What is it?

The Keep in Touch campaign is a monthly newsletter, but one that doesn't suck.

How often is it sent?

This email is sent monthly

Who is this campaign good for?

The Keep In Touch Campaign is a great campaign for...

  • prospects who you want to keep in touch with
  • referral parters and real estate agents
  • past clients

Past Keep in Touch Campaigns:

November 2019

December 2019

January 2020

February 2020

Date of next Keep in Touch Campaign: March 16, 2019

Add a Contact

Remove a Contact

Upload a list of contacts and choose campaigns

When uploading, please include only the first name, last name, and email address of the contacts, and be sure to choose what campaigns you would like them placed in. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Here is a spreadsheet template you can use: Download Engage Contact Campaign Upload Template

Guidelines for uploading contacts:

  1. Contacts uploaded into the system should recognize your name. Past clients, active referral partners and real estate agents, prospects that know who you are... these are all great contacts to have in Engage. However, Engage is NOT a lead blasting system, and is not designed to be used as such.
  2. Files to be uploaded must be in Excel or CSV format. It is best to provide a list with First Name, Last Name, and Email address already separated. If you send us a list with the name fields together, we will separate them but cannot guarantee name accuracy, especially with multi-part names. First name and email is required, last name is only suggested for easier reference later.
  3. Files should contain no more than 200 contacts. If you have more than 200 contacts, you must contact support at support@originatorsuccess or submit a support ticket after uploading for the list to be processed. Please explain to us why you have a large list, how these contacts know you, and the last time that you engaged them.
  4. Please do not send us names and email addresses of contacts that are already in the system. Although our system does prevent duplicate emails, it usually makes it harder on our support team. If you would like an Excel or CSV file of the agents we have in our system, you can request one anytime from support. A full list of your contacts and a downloadable PDF of your contact list can be obtained in this dashboard.