What is Agent PowerTips?

Agent PowerTips is a marketing system made up of automated weekly emails and a library of custom branded to you PowerTip web pages that contain business building and lead generating tips including business planning, marketing, social media, downloadable handouts for clients and more.

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Upload a list of agents and/or upload agents individually

Send us a list of agents you're working with or would like to work with, or add agents individually as you meet them. You also have your own opt-in page that agents can sign themselves up.

Step 2: We automatically send weekly emails to your agents

Each week we'll send an email from you to your agents, featuring content agents love from social media marketing to branding and business planning.

Step 3: Share your library of PowerTips™ pages anytime

You have a library full of custom web pages, branded with your information that you can share with agents directly or by posting links to these pages on social media.

Access your Agent PowerTips Agent Report

View your Agent PowerTips agent report anytime to see when emails were sent, who's opening them, and if any agents have opted out.

Some different ways you may want to use your Agent PowerTips agent report include:

  • Call or otherwise reach out to agents who haven't opened your Agent PowerTips emails in awhile. They may have changed companies, changed email addresses, or your emails may be going to their spam folder.
  • Call the agents who are opening your emails each week, to keep a steady and solid rapport. Use that week's Agent PowerTips as a conversation starter, rather than simply calling to ask for business. Leading with value is always a good idea.

It doesn't look like your Agent PowerTips Report has been setup yet. It's usually set up once you have uploaded a list of agents.


However, your Agent PowerTips IS setup, and you can use it (the library is available at the bottom of this page)

The report is only so that you can see who is opening your Agent PowerTip emails and who you have in the system.

Please contact our support team at support@originatorsuccess.com or put in a support ticket requesting your Agent PowerTips report be setup.

Add an Agent

Remove an Agent

Upload a list of Agents to receive PowerTips

It's a good idea to upload a list of agents to receive your weekly Agent PowerTips. When uploading, please include only the first name, last name, and email address of the agents. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Here is a spreadsheet template you can use: Download Agent Upload Template

Guidelines for uploading agents:

  1. Agents uploaded into the system should recognize your name. They may not all be sending you business, and that's fine. However, the agents receiving the weekly Agent PowerTips should know who you are, and should not feel like you are spamming them. Our Agent PowerTips will do a great job keeping you in front of agents who know you, and help you establish rapport and build a relationship. However, they will not magically make agents who don't know you start sending you business, so you should not upload lists of agents you don't know.
  2. Files to be uploaded must be in Excel or CSV format. It is best to provide a list with First Name, Last Name, and Email address already separated. If you send us a list with the name fields together, we will separate them but cannot guarantee name accuracy, especially with multi-part names. First name and email is required, last name is only suggested for easier reference later.
  3. Files should contain no more than 200 agents. If you have more than 200 agents, you must contact support at support@originatorsuccess or submit a support ticket after uploading for the list to be processed. Please explain to us why you have a large list, and how these agents know you.
  4. Please do not send us names and email addresses of agents that are already in the system. Although our system does prevent duplicate emails, it usually makes it harder on our support team. If you would like an Excel or CSV file of the agents we have in our system, you can request one anytime from support. A full list of your agents and a downloadable PDF of your agent list can be obtained in this dashboard.

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