Whether you're getting a mortgage to buy a home or to refinance, these are 4 things you should NOT do...

1) Make any large purchases like a new car or furniture for your new home
Even if you don't have to pay any interest or make any payments for awhile, new purchases come with new debt that will have to be factored in and can affect qualifying for your loan.

2) Deposit cash into your bank account
All money into and out of your accounts has be be accounted for during the mortgage process, even if not being used for the mortgage or a down payment. Talk with me about how to document unexpected or large deposits, especially cash deposits.

3) Quit or change jobs.
Now isn't the time to make a move, even for a better opportunity... at least not without talking to me first about how it can impact your loan.

4) Open (or even close) credit accounts
Don't take that new store card to save 10% on your purchase, don't pay off old debts or collections, and don't close or pay off any other accounts. Some of these actions can have unexpected consequences to your credit score, so be sure to talk with me first.

Remember, I'm always here to help. If any of these situations comes up and you're thinking of buying or refinancing soon, be sure to reach out to me for guidance.